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240 W. Genesee Street
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Would that money could grow on beautiful trees?

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Founding member Wally Bronner believed that it was an honor to share in the gift of giving. By sharing information about the Beautification Committee and asking for a donation was
to share in the beautiful outcomes of the things the donation could buy! Wally spent a good part of his 53 years on the committee sharing the opportunity of giving, and the community was blessed by his presence. We miss his inspiration still.

Of the $120,000 needed to make this year's budget, nearly $70,000 of it will come from general donations from local residents, businesses and friends of Frankenmuth. Additionally, funds from the Wally and Irene Bronner and Family Foundation and the Palmer Foundation will add $14,500. The committee is challenged to add another $3600 in special event (fund-raising) revenue while the City of Frankenmuth and Downtown Development Authority will contribute the balance.

The board carefully develops the budget to provide for year-round beautification efforts including summer flowers, flags and banners, holiday and miscellaneous projects. Less than 2% of the contributions are used for administrative purposes, which is primarily used for printing and postage.

If you are already a donor and contributor to the efforts of the City Beautification Committee, THANK YOU! If you would like more information about giving, please click here to contact us!

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Last year, more than 700 persons and businesses contributed to the CBC to support annual programming - Thank you! Ongoing funding is a testament to the credibility of the organization and the strength of the partnership individuals have with the beautification committee. Through in-kind contributions, both business owners and residenst take great pride, whether in the popular commercial district, or the well-maintained neighborhoods. The CBC appreciates its many partners who keep Frankenmuth streets and sidewalks clean, green and so manicured!

Additionally, the CBC has benefitted over the years by partnerships with funding organizations including the Palmer Foundation and the Frankenmuth Community Foundation (FCF). The Palmer Foundation, for example, has fully funded the across-the-street holiday streamers including the purchase, maintenance and annual operations. The FCF has also given generously to support decorations including contributions to buy flower boxes for the bridge and replacement red bows for the holiday decorations. Both the City of Frankenmuth and the Downtown Development Authority appropriate funds for CBC programming.

Interested in donating? Contact city liaison Sheila Stamiris by clicking here or via credit card donations accepted through our PayPal account.

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In 2006, the City Beautification Committee opened its endowment fund at the Frankenmuth Community Foundation. Reliant on funding from local businesses and families, the CBC established the Endowment Fund to create a long-term savings plan to provide funding for CBC projects. Those projects have traditionally included flags, banners, hanging flower baskets, and Christmas decorations.

CBC Endowment Chair, Debra Hardin, describes the importance of the endowment. “We have been successful funding beautification efforts in Frankenmuth for nearly 60 years because the people who contribute like what we do. This endowment fund helps guard those special programs from future uncertainty regardless of economic hiccups, assuring that we keep the clean and beautiful Frankenmuth we value today.”

The endowment fund is housed at the Frankenmuth Community Foundation, which supports non-profit initiatives in the Frankenmuth area. The CBC looks to build a base fund of $250,000 to augment the annual fund campaign once we have reached the target.

The Wally and Irene Bronner & Family Foundation has issued a challenge grant of $50,000. For every $3 donated to the endowment, the Bronner Foundation will match $1, up to $50,000. 

When contributing to the Endowment, make your check payable to “Frankenmuth Community Foundation” noting the contribution on the memo line for the CBC. Endowment Donations (like all others) can be dropped off or mailed to City Hall at 240 W. Genesee Street, Frankenmuth, MI  48734.

Interested in donating? Contact city liason Sheila Stamiris by clicking here or via credit card donations accepted through our PayPal account.

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When celebrating an event like a birthday, anniversary or retirement, or in honor of a loved one, donating to the CBC general fund or endowment is very easy to do. Financial gifts to either the CBC general fund or endowment fund are welcome year-round, supporting the annual and financial needs of city beautification.

Just as in any contribution to the CBC, celebration gifts can be sent to the CBC through the City of Frankenmuth (Click here to contact). Honor cards recognizing the gift, including pre-printed message and envelope, can be picked up from the City Hall receptionist during office hours.

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Looking for an easy way to donate to the CBC's Endowment Fund? Your Kroger Rewards Card can return a portion of your grocery bill to the CBC Endowment Fund established with the Frankenmuth Community Foundation.

In order to participate, you must have a Kroger Rewards Card (available through the store) and then you must register your customer number online. It's easy to enroll (or re-enroll) in Kroger Community Rewards. Go to this web site:, click on "Michigan" and then click on "Enroll" or "Re-Enroll."

The City Beautification number is 90522. You'll need your Kroger's customer ID when you visit the web site and you'll need to enter some basic information. Once you've registered, a percentage of your bill is redirected to the CBC Endowment - no checks to write, no calculations to make, no fuss or muss!

If you are already a rewards program member, thank you! The Kroger program requires all participants to re-enroll on April 1 of each year - we want you to keep up the good work, so visit the web site and be sure to re-enroll.

Using the card is simple. When you check out at the register, present your card. The clerk will scan your card and automatically, the contribution is logged in the Kroger database (gasoline purchases are not eligible towards this program). Quarterly, the Foundation receives a check from Kroger's for the Endowment. Contributing doesn't get much easier than this!

Questions? Contact city liaison Sheila Stamiris by clicking here.