To view Frankenmuth's Signage Regulations, Read Chapter 17 of the City's Zoning Code. 

The kinds of signs used in the City are governed by the City's Zoning Code.  Where your business is located determines the kind and type of signs allowed in your zoning district.  

Frankenmuth City Zoning Map
Districts are geography-based, such that: 

Zones B3 (Highway Commercial), CL PUD (Commercial Local PUD) B4 (Tourist Commercial)
are generally located on Main Street and Franklin, north of Genesee Street, on Main Street south towards Bronners  and on Weiss Street between Jefferson and Main.  These areas tend to be larger in area with wide setbacks from the front and feel more suburban. 

Here you will find fast food restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, car and farm equipment dealers.  Signs are larger and taller in scope than in other areas, largely due to the size of the businesses and speed of the traffic.  Electronic Signs -- digital boards -- are allowed here.

Zone B2 (Local Business) including the commercial areas within the Historic District are generally located on Main Street between Genesee and Jefferson, on Franklin between Genesee and Tuscola, along Jefferson between Main and Weiss, and on Weiss between Jefferson and Heritage Park. 

Here you will find buildings closer to the street/sidewalk with strong pedestrian orientation.  The "original downtown" features older structures, smaller parking lots and slower speeds.  Signs in this area follow suit -- are generally smaller and scaled to the size of the buildings in his area.  Located in the historic district, signs must be reviewed by the Historic District  Council for approval prior to installation. 

Zone Mixed Use includes areas such as Uptown North Main and Covenant Commons.  

Zones Industrial, Special Use, Industrial Special Use include the Frankenmuth Business Park, parts of North Franklin, north of Kleiner, City owned properties at Franklin and Genesee, the northwest corner of Genesee and Main, and List Street.