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Brush Pick Up 

Tree Limb Collection   

Tree limbs will be chipped by the D.P.W. on the first Monday of every month. Tree limbs must be no greater than 5" in diameter and must be neatly stacked behind the curb, not in the street. TREE STUMPS, SMALLER TWIGS, AND/OR HEDGE TRIMMINGS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS COLLECTION. The first 5 minutes of chipping are free. Thereafter, residents will be billed $16* for every 5 minute period or fraction thereof. ONLY PLACE BRUSH BY THE CURBSIDE THE WEEKEND PRIOR TO THE 1ST MONDAY PICK-UP (see below Policy Clarification Statement).   

Please note: There will be no Tree Limb Collection for the months of January, February, & March. 

As an alternative, residents may use binder twine and tie branches in a 3 ft. by 4 ft. bundle, the branches must be between 2” and 6-8” in diameter, and placed by the curbside with the weekly refuse collection as noted in (A) above.

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Policy Clarification Statement. Unfortunately, some property owners have gotten into the habit of placing their brush piles at curb side either shortly after or well in advance of the first Monday of the month collection. This is a concern for all citizens and property owners in Frankenmuth because it takes away from the beauty of the neighborhood and the community and is not desired due to obvious public health, safety and general welfare concerns and in order for the City to maintain a cost effective scheduled monthly collection program.

Because of these legitimate concerns, it is the City’s policy that in the event the chipping crew is required to respond or return to a location outside of their normal tree limb collection route/schedule, the property owner(s) will be billed for the entire time it takes the crew to complete the special collection. Such special collection shall be at the discretion of the DPW Superintendent as he takes into consideration the amount of tree limbs to be collected, the timing of the next regularly scheduled collection, and the impact of the special collection on the crew’s normal work schedule. Special consideration shall be given to large storm events and whether the tree limb(s) is(are) from a City owned street tree.


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* Price subject to change.


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