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Fire Suppression System Requirements  

Plan Review/Inspection Requirements - May 2002 


1. Submit three (3) sets of construction documents, including hydraulic calculations, and a completed mechanical permit application accompanied by the calculated permit fee. A review of these documents will commence, and will be completed within ten (10) working days of receipt. 

        A. Approved Plans. If the review of the documents is deemed sufficient, then a permit will be issued immediately upon completion of the review, and work may commence. 

        B. Unapproved Plans. If the review of the documents is not deemed to be sufficient, the documents will be returned, with this department’s review comments, to the contractor and/or designer immediately upon completion of the review. It will be the contractor’s and/or designer’s responsibility to address the comments in full, and return corrections for review. 

Work may not start until all construction documents are approved, and a permit is issued.  


2. All inspections/tests shall be requested by the contractor as follows: 

        A. Underground Inspection/Testing. Underground inspections and testing shall be performed before concealing piping. All testing shall be done according to the procedures prescribed by the 2000 Michigan Mechanical Code, the 1996 NFPA 13, and any other applicable NFPA standard(s). 

        B. Rough-in Inspection. Rough-in inspection shall be made after all of the piping is in place, but before the installation of insulation and/or interior coverings. Piping shall not be painted until after this inspection. 

       C. Final Inspection/Acceptance Testing. Final inspection and acceptance testing shall be requested and approved prior to occupancy. All testing shall be done according to the procedures prescribed by the 2000 Michigan Mechanical Code, 2000 Michigan Building Code and the 1996 NFPA 13. 


3. Final approvals on the construction of the system, and approvals of the acceptance testing will determine occupancy of the structure, along with the approvals of all trades.



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