Dear Neighbor - Write a letter, get a letter - Make a new connection

Dear Neighbor is a letter-exchange project that connects those of all ages and backgrounds within the community through the mail. It encourages people to reflect on their experiences and beliefs and make new connections by writing letters to strangers: write a letter, get a letter, and make a new connection.

  When we receive your letter, we’ll swap it with one from another writer. They’ll get your letter, and you’ll get theirs. You can respond to these letters and keep it as anonymous as you choose. When a new prompt is given, you will have a new neighbor to form a connection with. This project is organized by  Frankenmuth Heart and Soul, a community engagement process. 

The City of Frankenmuth along with the Chamber of Commerce, the Frankenmuth School District, Frankenmuth Township, and the Frankenmuth Community Foundation have partnered with the Orton Family Foundation to launch Community Heart & Soul. This initiative focuses on community engagement and conversations that help to alter the way residents interact with decision makers. Community Heart & Soul actively seeks the collective wisdom of all citizens, including those voices that are often missing, bringing people together to build a stronger, healthier, and more economically vibrant community.

The Frankenmuth Community Foundation has also provided a grant to help fund the two year engagement process.

Where to send your letter:

City Hall 240 W Genessee St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734

 For more information:

Call – 989.652.3430 ext. 105

Email –