Parks and Recreation Community Assessment

The Parks and Recreation plan should be all about YOU - the users of the facilities. Thus, these studies will be utilized to gain an understanding of how people use, feel about, and want from their Parks and Recreation. These surveys will offer a guiding path for the overall Parks and Recreation Plan that is to come later on in the year.

Step 1. Choose a park using this map.
There are 3 types of parks within the City of Frankenmuth:
1. Regional parks are those with proper equipment to serve a large number of people with different needs.
2. Community parks, smaller in size, are classified as areas used by the residents as well as visitors to the community. 
3. Neighborhood parks serve as the social focus within a development.

Step 2. Download the assessment based on your chosen area. By clicking the park types, you can download the assessment. By clicking the link, you can take the assessment on your device.  This should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete.
1. Regional Park - web link:
2. Community Park - web link:
3. Neighborhood Park - web link:

Step 3. Turn in the assessment
If you have downloaded the assessment, please email the completed version to or drop it off at the City & Township Government Center (240 W Genessee). 
For any questions, comments, or concerns please call (989) 652 - 3430 ext 105.