Flood Clean Up

Residents who have experienced water damage have access to two dumpsters provided behind the Public Safety (Police and Fire) Building at the corner of N. Franklin and W. Genesee Streets. The City has worked with Mid Michigan Waste Authority and Waste Management to have the dumpsters on site and emptied for disposal of water damaged goods. We anticipate that the dumpsters will be on site through the weekend.

If you have not yet completed a damage survey from Emergency Management, please do so: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZZ5SVFB

Trash pick up this week is delayed due to the holiday Monday so service is scheduled for Thursday. Waste Management is prepared for a higher volume of trash however the rules regarding bulky items still apply.  Remember that anything that is not in a can or a bag – whether it is a clock radio or a refrigerator – is considered a bulky item. If you have small items like a clock radio or small boxes, etc., please bag these items for trash pick up.

Bulky item guidelines are as follows:

  1. Carpet should be cut into rolls can be no bigger than 3’ X 4’ (they have to be able to fall freely into the opening on the top of the truck), each individual roll can weigh no more than 50 pounds and must be securely tied or taped at both ends  
  2. Each household is allowed up to two per week. If they are too big or bulky for the driver to collect with your trash, he will schedule it for pick-up by the bulk truck within two business days of your service day.
  3. For many bulky items, we ask that you leave them in one piece so they can be safely collected by the bulk truck. If you have to break the item down into small pieces, you must bundle the pieces with tape or twine. In that case, the driver would pick up two bundles per week.
  4. Do not place trash on top of your bulky item. Make sure there are no nails, broken glass or jagged pieces of wood that could injure the driver.
  5. Do not place your larger bulky items under a tree or power line because the bulk truck uses a crane to pick up heavy items.
  6.  After your trash has been collected, look for an orange sticker on your bulky item.The sticker will either note that the item has been scheduled for pick-up by the bulk truck or it will let you know that you put too many bulky items to the curb. Do not remove bulky items from the curb unless they have been tagged for being over the allowed limit. If you put out a bulky item and do not see an orange sticker on it, call MMWA to make sure it is on the bulk pick-up schedule.

More information about bulky pick up is available at recyclemotion.org or please contact the City at 989-652-9901.