Police and Fire Implement Knox Rapid Access System

The Frankenmuth Fire and Police Departments have implemented the Knox Rapid Access System to help provide enhanced emergency services to the Frankenmuth community by minimizing response times and helping to prevent costly forced entry damage. Knox Rapid Access can be used for both commercial and residential properties.

Rapid Access for Commercial Properties 
Locked doors and secured entry points can delay emergency response. Enable first responder access by installing a secure Knox-Box/Knox-Vault that houses entry keys and access cards. Firefighters can then use a high security Knox Master Key, unique to their jurisdiction, to open the Knox device and gain immediate access to property in the event of an emergency.

  • Allows rapid property access
  • Prevents forced entry
  • Reduces property damage
  • Minimizes first responder injury

You can find more information at KnoxBox.com/frankenmuth . Please contact the Frankenmuth Fire Department for commercial applications. 

Rapid Access for Residential Properties
The Frankenmuth Police Department has established a new residential emergency access program supporting our local homeowners using the Knox HomeBox, a single key lockbox. To minimize response time and avert forced-entry property damage, the Knox HomeBox provides first responders rapid access to your home in an emergency. Once the emergency has been addressed, first responders will then re-secure the home and return the house key to the Knox HomeBox.

Knox HomeBox, the box that holds the key to your safety:

  • Heavy-duty, secure key lockbox
  • Accessible only by our Police Department
  • Prevents property damage due to forced entry
  • Installed outside your home
  • Available in a variety of colors & mounting options

For more information or to order, visit KnoxHomeBox.com . Contact the Frankenmuth Police Department for Homebox inquiries.