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Walking & Biking

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There are various opportunities for walking and biking in the Frankenmuth area. The most often used non-motorized pathway in town is the Riverwalk in Heritage Park. This is a 0.9 mile paved loop that surrounds the park. You can walk, run, skate, or ride your way around the Riverwalk on a beautiful tour of Heritage Park. There are 3 resting points with benches at different points along the path, one has restrooms.

The Gunzenhausen Street walkway is also a non-motorized path isolated from vehicular traffic. This walkway runs between the street and the river along the flood levy. It has overlook platforms, benches, and a beautiful view of the Cass River and dam.

The City takes pride in its public sidewalks, provided on nearly every street in town. Sidewalks are maintained to the highest standards and are enjoyed by many residents and visitors.

On-road bike lanes are striped and signed on the majority of Genesee St. These bike lanes provide a great connection to the schools, Memorial Park and the neighborhoods on the north end of town.

Some other streets that are better for biking around town are Tuscola, Mayer, Schleier, and Gunzehausen.  

For the bicyclists looking to explore more miles, the Cass River Greenway committee has identified a series of roads in the area that are good for biking with vehicular traffic. Download a map here or visit for more information on the Cass River Greenway Committee.

If you are particularly looking for "rail-trails," here are a few of the closest trails to Frankenmuth:
Harger Line Trail
(Saginaw County, Blumfield Twp.)
Harger Line map
Saginaw Valley Rail Trail
(Saginaw County, James Twp. to St. Charles)
Links Trailway
(Tuscola County, Millington to Columbiaville)


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