The Frankenmuth Police Department is proud to have celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2004. The Department was formally founded with the official appointment of the first constable Martin Eisher in 1904. Since this time there followed three more Marshals including Eisher’s son Herman Eisher in 1973. In 1953 Frankenmuth appointed Henry Zinck as the Community’s first Police Chief. In 1957 Frankenmuth was incorporated as a City.

The Frankenmuth Police Department has experienced many changes since the early days. All full and part time officers are MCOLES (Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards) certified, providing a variety of services. Some of the equipment used by the Frankenmuth Police Officers includes Mobile Data Terminals in patrol vehicles, 800-megahertz radios, Laser Radar, Automated External Defibrillators, and the latest in computer hardware and software. Services include major accident investigation, crime scene investigation, motorcycle patrol, DARE and School Liaison program. The primary operating method of the department is based on a Community Policing Philosophy and Community Partnership building.

The Department provides exclusive round the clock police protection for the City and Township of Frankenmuth, which encompasses 36 square miles. The community has grown from the early days to having in excess of 2 million visitors each year. The community hosts numerous festivals each year, which can be attended by 90,000+ people. In order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the City and Township the Frankenmuth Police Officers are training on a continuing basis.

Past to Present Marshalls and Chiefs:

Martin Eisher (Marshal) 1904-1937
Herman Eisher (Marshal) 1937-1947
Edward Kroeger (Marshal) 1947-1949
Nick Resinor (Marshal) 1949-1953
Chief Henry Zinck 1953-1974
Chief James Thomas 1974-1976
  Chief James Petteys 1976-2003
  Chief Donald Mawer 2003-present

Vehicle History:

Our vehicle graphics have changed over the years as many other departments have. Here is a look at our recent graphics
Former Design Present Design
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Patch History:

The department maintained the same "Michigan State Police" style patch from the early 1950's until it was redesigned in 2003.
1950's to 2003 2003 to present

Frankenmuth Police Department
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