Training Overview

Traffic Stop Training
The Frankenmuth Police Department takes pride in its highly trained Police Reserve Officers. The reserve academy and field training program, coupled together, prove to be very thorough in creating highly professional, competent, and highly trained reserve officers that are unique to this department.

Each recruit enters our academy after completing our extensive hiring and background process. All courses must be completed successfully to become certified to graduate our academy and begin patrol.

Our reserve academy is conducted "in house" by The Frankenmuth Police Department under the direction of Captain James Stefanski, our Academy Commander. The academy consists of approximately 250 hours of classroom and practical training conducted by certified instructors from the department. This training is provided by the department at no cost to the recruit.


After graduation, the probationary reserve officer is entered into our FTO (Field training) phase under the direction of Major Stan Quirin, our Field Training Commander. The probationary reserve officer rides a minimum of 10 hours per month on patrol to complete approximately 120 hours of practical and hands on training with a certified Field Training Officer. Training consists of basic training on patrol tactics, use of equipment, and familiarization with the city and department policies.

FPD Reserve Academy

The FPD Reserve Academy is conducted on weekends over a 5 month period, all on Saturday's or Sunday's during a 9 hour day. This is helpful to keep the academy manageable for those in college or those practicing their current career. Each recruit is supplied an academy uniform, consisting of an academy ballcap, uniform shirt, tie and academy trousers. Each recruit is also issued their duty belt with their full duty equipment.

They are also issued a "blue" training gun, training baton, handcuffs and training (inert) pepper spray for simulated practical sessions.

Each recruit will be trained in all of these phases:

Each recruit will carry certifications from state or national certified instructors in CPR/AED, Michigan LEIN, PPCT Management (defensive tactics), OC spray, and TASER International.

Continuous Training

Training does not end after the academy is complete. Every month the Frankenmuth Police Department houses in service trainings which consist of felony stops, building searches, accident investigation, event patrol, crowd control and many other scenarios that officers will become involved with while on patrol, as well as legal updates.

Each officer must also qualify with their firearm several times per year in daytime and night shooting, and recertify with PPCT and LEIN once a year.

Our department is also affiliated with Delta College by a training Consortium. Through this consortium our reserve officers may participate in trainings offered to our certified staff. These include domestic disturbances, PBT and Field Sobriety testing, accident investigation, legal updates, just to name a few.

Our Training Facilities and Equipment

The Frankenmuth Police Department has recently gained a reputation for hosting the most valuable, and hardest to find training academy from anywhere across the state. FPD has established its Reserve Division as a reputable organization, highly trained in a variety of aspects of patrol operations.

To aid in this process, The Frankenmuth Police Department maintains a state of the art training facility which provides:

  • LCD Projector
  • Wide Viewing Screen
  • Computer Projector Interface
  • Laptop Computer
  • Ability to view DVD or VHS media
  • Surround Sound Audio
  • Video Recording Equipment
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Document Viewer
  • Ceiling Mounted Televisions
  • Room for 60 Students Seated
  • Room for 40 Students at Desks
  • Easy Access to Rest Rooms
  • Full kitchenette & Break Room

Additionally, our academy has outside resources to house our PPCT/Defensive tactics instruction and a full service shooting range for our firearms program. We also have an indoor area for recruits to clean their firearms.

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