Construction Updates

This page houses current information regarding construction projects undertaken by the City.

Junction Road Transmission Main and Dehmel Road Water Main Replacement
Plant Street Sewer Repair
Craemer Court and Craemer Drive Road Resurfacing proposed future
Sidewalk Repair and Replacement proposed future

Junction Road Transmission Main and Dehmel Road Water Main Replacement
Project Description: This $3.4 million dollar construction project ensures the continuation of the City's clean drinking water supply from the City of Saginaw. Construction will replace the 20-inch tranmission main on Junction Road and the 12-inch main along Dehmel Road. Corrosive soils have eater away at the ductile iron pipe since they were installed. The new 20-inch and 12-inch pipe will be polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Construction is scheduled to begin on April 30. 


April 24: Eric Construction dropped off three excavators in the road right of way near the intersection of Tuscola/Junction on April 21. The first section of the project has been staked, from the intersection of Tuscola and Junction to the intersection of Maple and Junction.  A pre-construction video has been completed from Tuscola/Junction to Maple/Junction on both the North and South Side of the Road. The detour route has been staked for installation of detour signs (for trucks) by Capitol Barricade. Capitol Barricade has been notified that City electric and irrigation is present in many of the downtown Frankenmuth sign locations. They will be working with Randy to make sure signage is not driven through City utilities. Signs will be dropped off on Wednesday, April 25. Construction will begin with the connection at Tuscola and Junction on April 30. 

April 10: on Tuesday, April 10 at 6 pm at City Hall.  The meeting was well attended with more than 50 people. The project was originally slated to begin on April 23, but is now postponed until April 30 due to weather conditions.  The project will begin on the south side of Junction Road at West Tuscola Road. The water main will proceed east on the south side of Junction, generally between the shoulder and the ditch. Project working hours will be from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Thursday and from 7 am to 3 pm on Friday. No weekend work is expected unless a water main break occurs. Although delays will be likely, there will no detour on Junction Road except for trucks. Alternate routes will be posted. A single lane closure will cover the work zone area (which will move east on Junction as the project progresses). Traffic control will remain in place 24 hours a day, except that it will be taken down at 3 pm on Fridays and reinstalled early Monday mornings. When construction on Dehmel is underway, Dehmel Road will be completely closed to through traffic. Contractors and inspectors will coordinate and notify homeowners in advance of driveway disturbances. The contractor will compact and backfill the driveways with a gravel surface. When the project is complete, the contractor will reconstruction driveways to their original condition (gravel to gravel, asphalt to asphalt, etc.). Any mailboxes that must be removed will be reinstalled by the end of the day. Any areas disturbed during construction or right of way areas used for temporary storage will be restored to their original or better condition at the end of the project. Trash and recycling should operate as regularly scheduled. It is possible that a water main break may occur during construction. If necessary breaks will be repaired until the new main is in service. 

Plant Street Sanitary Sewer Project
Project Description:  The project involves abandoning a smaller, existing sanitary sewer and installing a new 21 inch sanitary sewer along with abandoning an existing pump station and other structures.


April 24: On April 20, American Excavating mobilized equipment on site. On The Air Advantage fiber was temporarily moved out of the way the new sewer. This means the “dam cam” is down until the work in this area is complete. The Cities electrical conduits were also pot holed to verify actual location and depth.   American began digging at the Siphon Chamber and removed the existing manhole to the appropriate depth to allow for a concrete cookie to be set over the existing structure. The pit was prepared for the hole to be cored through the wall tomorrow. Fencing was removed near the siphon chamber to allow for the new sewer to be installed. Concrete Cutting Specialists will be on site today (Tuesday) to core the hole into the existing siphon chamber. The drop connection will be assembled and installed in the chamber. A new manhole will be set with 38’ of new sanitary sewer installed. 

April 10: Work is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 23. Due to the construction, a number of trees along the riverbank will need to be removed. This includes a tree that was donated as a memorial. Staff has been in touch with the family and the plaque on the tree will be removed and a new tree planted in its place with the plaque reinstalled. This may also impact some of the “angels” along the riverbank, which will also need to be addressed after construction.