Guiding Documents

The Downtown Development Authority is a municipal corporation enabled by the State of Michigan (PA 57 of 2018) and organized by local ordinance.  As a public board, the DDA complies with the Open Meetings Acts and all meetings are open to the public. 

Authorized by the State of Michigan, the DDA is enabled under PA 57 of 2018.   Locally, the DDA is authorized by City ordinance.  

As an official committee of the City, the DDA follows its own bylaws.   A Board Member Job Description outlines the role and responsibilities of those appointed to the Board of Directors. 

The DDA provides development efforts on specific geography.  The DDA also oversees a Tax Increment Finance district, which shares the same geography.   Click here to see a map of the DDA/TIF district. 
Spending of proceeds from the TIF district are guided by the Frankenmuth Tax Increment Finance and Development Plan.  The TIF plan was last amended in October 2014 by local ordinance.