Other Parks

The City of Frankenmuth has several smaller parks scattered in neighborhoods and around the City.

Map of Frankenmuth Parks

Inventory of Parks

Cross Park
Cross Park encompasses about 4 acres of mostly woodland on Main St. at the southern city limit. It borders the Dead Creek and is south of Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, along M-83. The park property was acquired and developed in celebration of the U.S. bicentennial. The 50 ft. white cross, illuminated after dark, is a tribute to the historical tradition of the Frankenmuth community. The Frankenmuth Historical Association operates the historic Wolkensdorfer Log House in the park for historical education.
Cross Park Map

Eastgate Court
This open space is a grassy court serves the surrounding residential subdivision.
Eastgate Court Map

Genesee Park
This park occupies two-tenths of an acre and lies just north of Ardussi Ct. It serves the adjacent neighborhood with some play equipment and open grassy area.
Genesee Park Map

Gunzenhausen Park
Nestled behind the Frankenmuth Methodist Church, this 2.5 acre park offers plenty of swings, playground equipment for children and a large open grass area for all types of activities.
Gunzenhausen Park Map

Harlan Park
Is a drainage area with a creek that stretches behind residential properties on Harlan Ct., Tuscola Rd., and Craemer Dr.
Harlan Park Map

Krafft, Summergreen, & Vitany Parks
These three parks are similar in size, features, and proximity in the northwest part of the City. These properties also serve as detention areas for storm water during large rain storms. The parks are designed to hold the excess water and release it slowly when the storm sewer system can accommodate it. These parks each have two entrances from the public streets, which are identified with sidewalks.
Krafft Park Map   
Summergreen Park Map 
Vitany Park Map

Maplecrest & Hanover Parks 
These two neighborhood parks back up to one another between Hanover Place and Maplecrest Drive on the north end of town. In addition to open playfields/greenspace, both of these properties serve as water detention basins for large rain events.
Maplecrest - Hanover Park Map

Sunburst Park
Featuring an open ball field and playground equipment, this 1.4 acre park serves the Sunburst neighborhood in the northeast quadrant of the City.
Sunburst Park Map

Keinath Park
Named after the former City Manager Wil Keinath, this park features play equipment, a sandbox, an open playfield. It is next to the City’s Department of Public Works near the corner of Schleier and Franklin Streets.
Keinath Park Map

Willkommen Park
This park is an urban plaza featuring a memorial wall to the community’s war veterans. Benches invite pedestrians to escape the bustling streetscape and enjoy the beautiful landscape, fountain and sculpture. Willkommen Park is located on the southwest corner of Main and Tuscola, making it and ideal resting place for pedestrians strolling through the business district.
Willkommen Park Map

Woelzlein Preserve 
The majority of this 6 acre property is the natural lowlands near Galsterer drain on the former Woelzlein family farm. This odd shaped property meanders behind most of the residential properties on the south side of what has been developed in the Kingsbrook neighborhood.
Woelzlein Preserve Map

Woodland Acres 
This one acre wood lot is on the norther border of the city limits. It is completely wooded and accessible from Maplecrest Drive just east of Trillium Court.
Woodland Acres

Zehnder Park
This 2 acre park runs between Flint St. and Main St. just north of Jefferson St. It is the site of the Frankenmuth Scout Building. There is some playground equipment and a basketball hoop near the building.  
On the Main St. side of the park also lies the Woodcarver’s Pavilion. This street-side plaza has 27 hand-crafted wood carvings of Grimm's Fair Tales  on the posts of the pavilion . The carvings were made by the Frankenmuth Woodcarver's Guild.  More information on the carvings and the fairy tales is available here.
Zehnder Park Map