Parks & Recreation Commission

The Frankenmuth Parks and Recreation Commission is an advisory board charged with overseeing the Parks and Recreation Department. The City Council appoints members of this commission for 3-year terms. This 10-member group comprises representatives from the Frankenmuth School Board, Frankenmuth Township Board, Frankenmuth City Council, and 7 at-large members.

The Parks and Recreation Commission meets typically on the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Frankenmuth Governmental Center. Meetings are open to the public. 

Periodically, there are vacancies on the Commission. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on this commission, please complete the application in the Helpful Links portion at the bottom of this page.

Commission Goals
1. To stimulate long-range goals and short-term objectives for parks and recreation.
2. To develop a master plan for the entire community in parks and recreation.
3. To make a total recreation program and park system available to meet the needs of the Frankenmuth area.
4. To ascertain the community's needs and work toward resolving those needs.
5. To coordinate programs and facilities on a multi-use, multi-seasonal capacity.
6. To protect and preserve the natural and scenic resources of the City of Frankenmuth.
7. To centralize management in the City Office under the supervision and direction of the City Manager.

Commission Members
Mandy Lubaczewski  Chair
Anne Webb                     Co-Chair
Maggie Platko               Secretary
Tom Meyer                     City Council Representative
Tom Bierlein                  Township Board Representative
Mike Grossi                  School Board Representative
Ed Foltz
Trisha Way
Stella Grablick
Jim Bickel

Non-voting members:
Bridget Smith, City Manager
Caleb Snook, Chamber of Commerce
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