Home Fire Safety Tips

Throughout the House:

  • DO install a smoke detector on every floor.
  • DO plan your escape routes in case a fire starts.
  • DO install residential fire sprinklers. 

In Bedrooms:

  • DO NOT smoke in bed.
  • DO NOT place heaters within three feet of flammable materials.
  • DO NOT use heaters to dry clothes.
  • DO NOT use extension cords with portable heaters.
  • DO NOT leave heaters unattended or go to sleep while they are on.
  • DO unplug heaters after you turn them off. 

In the Living/Family Room:

  • DO NOT put ashtrays on chair and sofa arms.
  • DO NOT run electrical cords under rugs, over nails, or in high traffic areas.
  • DO NOT leave cigarettes unattended burning in ashtrays.
  • DO NOT staple electrical cords to walls or otherwise pierce the insulation.
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