Reserve Division

The position of Police Reserve Officer was created in 1968 specifically for Frankenmuth's Bavarian Festival. This festival grew in size and scope with each coming year and became a festival requiring extra police services. The reserve unit patrolled this festival on horseback until the early 1980's. With the addition of more events over time, and the inherent tourism created, the unit has grown and the position has expanded to meet the needs of our department and our city. Currently, the Reserve Division is comprised of highly trained and competent officers which patrol these events and augment our patrol division. Our reserve officers are fully commissioned while under the direction of a (MCOLES) certified officer.

Many of our Police Reserve Officers join this Department to start a career in law enforcement, while others join with a willingness to serve and give something back to their community. Currently, Frankenmuth Police Reserve Officers assist the patrol division by providing crowd and traffic control at events, some with 100,000+ visitors in attendance. They also patrol with a full time officer, providing instant back-up, taking calls for service, following up on investigations, and testifying in court. Additionally, they may also work solo patrol shifts by bicycle and foot patrol.
The Frankenmuth Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Police Reserve Officer.

Becoming a Police Reserve Officer takes a dedicated, reliable and enthusiastic individual. The Frankenmuth Police Department prides itself on its stringent hiring and training standards for its Police Reserve Officer staff.

All applicants for the reserve unit must meet the same requirements as full time officers, such as a thorough background screening and interview process. After the application process, the individual becomes a recruit and will attend and successfully complete The Frankenmuth Police Reserve Academy. Please view our video for a look at our academy.

Reserve officers continue to receive training in law enforcement and related curriculum each month and are required to meet the same proficiency standards as the sworn officers in the use of lethal and non-lethal force. New Police Reserve officers will be supplied with all the required duty equipment and necessary uniforms.

Apply now and become part of the best and highly trained reserve programs in the state!