Our Mission and Values

We believe in the following mission...
The Frankenmuth Police Department’s primary mission is to provide public safety for the citizens and visitors of the City and Township of Frankenmuth. The Frankenmuth Police Department believes in the dignity and self worth of all people. We respect the diversity of Frankenmuth. We will actively pursue positive interaction with the citizens, visitors and youth of our community. We believe the gauge of our effectiveness is the absence of crime and disorder. The Frankenmuth Police Department is focused on the timeless principles of honesty, integrity and accountability.

We are committed to the following values...
Maintaining open lines of communication with Citizens, City and Township Government, and Schools.

Maintaining a high level of Community trust through the use of good decision making and always projecting the highest level of integrity.

Encouraging crime prevention through creative problem solving, education, training and the creation of lasting partnerships with the Community.

Remaining flexible in nature in order to change with Community and societal needs.
Providing professional, courteous service to all who live in or visit our Community.

Maintaining the highest level of integrity and professional ethics in our members and accepting nothing less.

Recognizing each member of the department as a valuable asset and provide an atmosphere and the opportunity for each member to achieve their professional potential.

We will aggressively pursue criminal investigations on those who choose to prey on our citizens or visitors of our Community.