Water Resource Recovery Facility

190 Plant Street  Frankenmuth, MI 48734
Phone: 989-652-3445

WRRF Superintendent: Mark Schluckebier
Email Address: mschluckebier@frankenmuthcity.com

WRRF Asst. Superintendent: Mike Olson
Email Address:  molson@frankenmuthcity.com 



The Frankenmuth Water Resource Recovery Facility was originally constructed in 1954. The original facility consisted of primary and final settling tanks and the trickling filter process for biological treatment of organic pollutants. Renovated and expanded in the 1970's, the plant's activated sludge biological treatment process was adopted to meet increasing organic waste loadings from the area's major restaurants and breweries. 

    In 1987, construction began again to accommodate anticipated growth and enable compliance with more stringent effluent limitations.  The expansion resulted in significant energy savings by utilizing anaerobic pretreatment for the brewery and fine bubble aeration for the activated sludge, secondary treatment process.

    Due to problems with sanitary sewer overflows, the Plant was expanded again in 1998.  Larger raw sewage pumps, increased treatment capacity, new grit removal system, and redundant disinfection systems were added to increase hydraulic capacity.  The new facility is designed to provide treatment for an annual average flow of 1,800,000 gallons per day and a maximum flow of 7 million gallons per day.