As grand as our summer floral arrangements are, the Holiday season sparkles with Christmas colors and decorations throughout the community. Thousands of lights and garlands dress trees, parks, sidewalks, homes and businesses. Candy canes, tin soldiers and assorted other decorations are posted on light poles located at each community entrance, on the riverbank and in pocket parks throughout the community. A total of 57 percent of the CBC’s annual budget is dedicated to Christmas decorations. Each year improvements are made to existing displays and additions are purchased such as the snowflakes in the downtown area which stay lite through Zehnder’s Snowfest in February. The Nativity Scene is back in Edwin Zehnder Park and the Bethlehem scene along the Cass River bank are traditional favorites. So many lights are sparkling - it is impossible count them all!

winter fountain

Working with a contractor, the committee pays close attention to the maintenance and placement of each decoration to assure the brightest and most sparkling of displays. Across-the-street decorations along Frankenmuth's major access streets are funded through the Palmer Foundation. Funds at the Palmer Foundation were gifted to the Frankenmuth community through the benevolence of Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Maria Palmer, community benefactors.