Summary of Sunburst Meeting

On November 8th at 5:30 pm, City Staff held a meeting at Frankenmuth United Methodist Church with residents from the Sunburst neighborhood. The meeting was called to discuss the condition of the urban forest in the neighborhood. Sunburst is considered an Urban Forest since all the trees are the same species (Locusts). Sunburst is currently experiencing what we call “green limb drop” where seemingly healthy trees are dropping large branches. Last year the City brought in an Arborist to look for obvious signs of disease or pests, of which they found none. After the limb drop happened a few times after, the City hired Davey Resource Group for a full assessment of 151 trees within the neighborhood. The report was issued for aerial inspection, ground inspection, and inspection of trees who experienced green limb drop. On the completion of the report it was found that 

  • There is one tree that should be removed as soon as feasible 
  • 38 trees that need priority pruning - this includes removal of deadwood but also addresses "lion's tailing" which is caused by over pruning (especially present where trees were trimmed because of power lines) 
  • All trees should be trimmed on a routine cycle (5 to 7 years) As trees are removed, if it is feasible to replant a tree in street side lawn, it will not be a locust tree. 

The City is seeking bids on the recommended tree trimming. The tree recommended for removal will come down in the next few months if not sooner.

A link to the full report can be found here