City reviews Flood Fighting Plan

This month the City worked with the US Army Corps of Engineers to review it's flood protection system and our flood fighting plan. The flood protection system, what we refer to as the levee, was improved last year. As part of the construction process the City developed a Flood Response Plan.  While we are confident that the levee is structually sound and well engineered, severe storms and flooding events always present a risk.  As a local unit of government, our number one charge is to protect the health, safety and welfare of our residents and guests and being prepared for an emergency helps us do that. 

The City's plan details different action items depending on how high the Cass River is and is projected to rise. Flood height for the Cass River is 17 feet. We monitor the height using the USGS stream gauge. You can track that information too on their website.  If you'd like to review our flood response plan it is available here

For additional information on the City's levee, you can access the National Levee Screening Database.

Follow this link to view a documentary of the 1986 Flood - "Flood Fest."