The City Treasurer's Office services the public and City of Frankenmuth departments by providing efficient, expedient assistance in processing funds. We will project a friendly and ethical manner as we ensure fair treatment within legal guidelines. The Treasurer also directs and assists in the preparation of the annual budget and audit report.

Summer taxes (mailed near July 1) for the State Education Tax, Delta College, Saginaw Intermediate School District, Saginaw County operations, City of Frankenmuth and Special Assessments are due and payable at the City office, without penalty, until July 31. A 1.5% penalty will be added to any unpaid balance (18% per annum).

Winter taxes (mailed near December 1) for Frankenmuth School District and Saginaw County extra voted millages are due and payable at the City office, without penalty, until February 14. After March 1, real estate (property) taxes are payable at the Saginaw County Treasurer's office located at the Saginaw County Courthouse. A late fee will be applied.

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