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Nuts and Bolts of the CBC 
The City Beautification Committee is an established committee of the City of Frankenmuth. The committee was established through city resolution in 1955.

The City Beautification Committee, a volunteer organization of the City of Frankenmuth, guides aesthetic enhancements within the City of Frankenmuth. Using the community's human, natural and financial resources, the CBC nurtures a picturesque environment, rewarding the community and its visitors through positive year-round efforts.

Flags and Banners 

Inspired by the auspicious acts of 9/11, the city initiated a patriot flag program displaying more than 100 American Flags throughout the downtown and Weiss Street area. What started out as a temporary tribute has stayed as a continuing patriotic salute some 10 years later. The flags welcome our German and Canadian visitors as well as honor our military men and women in the US Armed forces.

With a grant from the Frankenmuth Community Foundation, Frankenmuth blue banners pinpoint streetlights throughout the community. Regaled in the city's logo, created in the early 1960s by committee members, the banners are a colorful addition to our city streets and gateways.

Floral Frankenmuth

Each year, hundreds of thousands of blooms grace Frankenmuth’s streets, businesses, homes, and parks in more than 200 formal gardens. Working through the City’s horticulturist and the Department of Public Works, the CBC funds the hanging baskets, curb side petunias and other specialty locations. More than 350 hanging baskets are on display between May and October. Working with its partners at the Downtown Development Authority and the City Parks and Recreation Department, public areas in town are planted with perennials, annuals, shrubs, and bushes to make landscapes pop with color. Most public areas including the hanging baskets are irrigated with a computer-run system, more than six miles long. In areas without irrigation, the committee funds a watering truck that waters and fertilizes as needed over the growing months.

Frankenmuth’s private gardens at businesses and residences are a bonus for community beauty. Community pride extends from Main Street through carefully manicured neighborhoods. Overall, the look is breathtaking and the pride of all Frankenmuth residents.

Christmas Decor and More

As grand as our summer floral arrangements are, the Holiday season sparkles with Christmas colors and decorations throughout the community. Thousands of lights and garlands dress trees, parks, sidewalks, homes and businesses. Candy canes, tin soldiers and assorted other decorations are posted on light poles located at each community entrance, on the riverbank and in pocket parks throughout the community. So many lights are sparkling - it is impossible to count them all! Working with a contractor, the committee pays close attention to the maintenance and placement of each decoration to assure the brightest and most sparkling of displays.

Across-the-street decorations along Frankenmuth's major access streets are funded through the Palmer Foundation. Funds at the Palmer Foundation were gifted to the Frankenmuth community through the benevolence of Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Maria Palmer, community benefactors.

Christmas Decorations are in place the second weekend of November through the weekend after January 6.

Keep Michigan Beautiful

Over 30 awards, including major recognitions, have been given to public and private beautification projects through Keep Michigan Beautiful http://www.keepmichiganbeautiful.org. Keep Michigan Beautiful (KMB) is a state initiative to recognize and foster beauty throughout the State of Michigan. Annually, the committee selects three or four projects for nomination to KMB. Companies complete the application including photos that are presented for competition at the state level. Winning projects are recognized at the annual awards banquet held at sites across the state, including Frankenmuth.

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Coming Soon

The committee is actively pursuing the placement of a Maypole at the southwest corner of Main Street and Tuscola Streets. A Maypole is a traditional German town decoration, once used to advertise the types of commerce within the city centers. With planning well underway, construction is planned for 2014-2015.

2013-04 committee

CBC 2013-2014

Twenty Members appointed by the Mayor and City Council comprise the CBC Board of Trustees. Current members are:  Dick Galsterer (Chair & City Council), Al Weiss (V-Chair), W. Don Zehnder (Treasurer), Herb Zeilinger (Secretary), Sue Bierlein, Dietrich Bronner, Mary Galsterer, Brenda Grablick, Debra Hardin, Mara Hetzner, Judy Hiles, Jane Johnson, Jerry Kabat, Kris Lewis, John Mossner, Vickie Schmitzer (City Council), Kathy Schollmeyer, Verna Vandevelde, Mary Lou Wilson, and Linda Woodle.

Ex-Officio members also serve the board, advising on their areas of expertise. They include City Manager Charlie Graham, DPW Superintendent Randy Braeutigam, Horticulturist Dan Hopp, DDA Director Sheila Stamiris, Frankenmuth Chamber & CVB President Jamie Furbush, Contractors Scott Anderson and Munchie Muehlfield and greenspace Advisor, Eugene Hopp.

Committee openings are posted yearly. Applications to serve can be received from Frankenmuth City Clerk (pkerns@frankenmuthcity.com) or downloaded from the City’s website.

2013 Standing Committees 
Activity of the CBC is guided by a variety of standing committees including: Executive, Nominating, Fund-raising/Special Events, Contributions, Endowment Fund, Publicity, Flags and Banners, Flowers, Christmas Decor and Riverbank Lighting, Holiday Celebration, Keep Michigan Beautiful (KMB) and Budget.


The Board meets regularly in Fall and Spring. Additional meetings are called by the chair pending activity. Sub-committees meet in anticipation of committee activity. The CBC is a public agency and meetings are posted and open to the public.

CBC History

History of the Committee

Begun in 1955 by the Frankenmuth City Council, the City Beautification Committee has fostered Frankenmuth’s beautiful heritage for nearly sixty years. From petunia-lined curbs and community entrance signs to hundreds of American flags and hundreds of thousands of holiday lights, the committee has grown to provide a four-season beauty from north to south, and east to west.

In 2005, the committee celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a musical tribute held at the Bronner Performing Arts Center at Frankenmuth High School. The event, underwritten 100% by local businesses and foundations, celebrated the 50 years of accomplishments in grand style. For this event, a checklist highlighting fifty years of beauty waswritten. To review the highlights, click here.

wally bronner

Wally Bronner, Bronners CHRISTMAS Wonderland Originator
and Charter Member of the City Beautification Committee.

Wally Bronner, charter member of the Frankenmuth CBC, continuously served the community until his death in 2009. Bronner loved to say that no man stood taller than when he bent down to pick up a piece of trash. An inspiration to his family, the people with whom he worked, his business peers, his neighbors and his customers, no one stood taller than Wally Bronner in the eyes of the CBC committee. He inspired us with his passion to maintain a beautiful community just as he inspired his company to unparalleled success. Wally's vision for this committee was single in purpose - striving for beauty in all things.

Bronner was not only the architect of many of the Christmas decorations on display throughout town, but the many fund-raising campaigns and special projects completed by the CBC over the years. With his wife Irene and the Bronner Family Foundation, Bronner established a challenge grant to seed the endowment fund to continue beautification efforts for the long-term. He continues to be missed, but his personal mark will forever keep Frankenmuth beautiful.

"Thank you, Wally, for your tireless attention to detail ... for that has helped Frankenmuth shine for all these years."