City Departments and City Functions


The Assessor annualy provides the resident and property owners of Frankenmuth with fair and equitable assessments. They record, maintain and edit the status of each parcel of property in the City to determine if it qualifies for a principal residence exemption (PRE) for a portion of school tax. The office also analyzes deeds and affidavits on every transferred property within the City that would trigger an uncapping of taxable value in accordance with Proposal A. 

Contact: John Deterding, Assessor 989-652-9901,

The City Manager,  City Treasurer and staff present a budget annually to City Council for their adoption. By City Charter, the budget must be introduced in the spring and approved by WHAT. The City's fiscal year begin July 1. 

Contact: Bridget Smith, (989) 652-9901,

Building Codes Authority
The City of Frankenmuth is a partner with several other area communities in this Codes Authority. The group cooperatively works to provide building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing permit and plan reviews and inspections.  

Contact information:
Building Inspector: Mike Setzer, 989-652-3430 ext. 250
Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector: Merle West, 989-652-3430 ext 252
Electrical Inspector: Travis Cooper, 989-652-3430
General email:


The City clerk is responsible for the dissemtion and preservation of offical City records, Freedom of Information Act responses, issuance of certain required licenses and permit. The Clerk also prepares the agendas and records and transcribes the minutes for the City Council. This office also administers federal, state and local elections and maints the records of all registered voters in the City. 

Contact: Phil Kerns, (989) 652-9901,

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement involves a number of different activities and standards ranging from long grass and weeds, to property maintenance issues which may involve peeling paint or other general standards associated with disrepair. Please refer to these FAQ for more information. If you have a concern please report it here.

 City Beautification Committee

City Council

City Manager

Downtown Development Authority

Economic Development Commission


Historic Preservation District Commission

Parks and Recreation




Public Works

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is located at ADDRESS and is a seperate facility from the City Township Governmental Center. The DPW's main function is the operation and maintenance of the City's physical infrastructure, including the buildings and facilities, parks and grounds, major and local roads, storm drains and some street lighting as well as assist with water and waste treatment.  This infrastructure provides support for all business, residential, social and recreational activity within the community. 

Contact: Randy Breautigam, 989-652-3430 ext. 200,
After hours emergency: ??

Waste Treatment

The City's Waste Treatment Plant was most recently expanded in 1998. Larger raw sewage pumps, increase treatment capcity, new grit removal system and redundent disinection systems were added to increase hydraulic capacity. Today, the plan is designed to provide treatment for an annual flow of 1,800,000 gallons per day and a maximum flow of 7 million gallons per day. 

Contact: Birt McKendree, 989-652-3445,
After Hours Emergency: ??

Water Department