Building Codes Authority

The Construction Code Group is an authority formed by the City of Frankenmuth, Frankenmuth Township, Blumfield Township, and Tuscola Township. This authority provides for inspection services on a part time basis for member communities. 

Staff of the Construction Code Group work as a team to help assure that the built environment complies with minimum health, welfare and safety standards.  Whether you are a performing your own work as an Owner of a single-family dwelling or hiring a Building, Electrical, Plumbing, or Mechanical Contractor, permits and plans may be required. Please refer to the FAQ for additional direction. If you are a resident and are considering improvements to your home, you may also find additional direction here.

The City has also put together a residential building permit checklist which lists all of the requirements that need to be met in order to build a home in the City of Frankenmuth. A hard copy of this document can be found at Frankenmuth City Hall or click HERE for the online version.

Please call 989-652-9901 to verify if permits and plans are needed and to discuss the review, approval, and permit application and issuance process.  

*When submitting building plans, please submit three sets, signed and sealed by a State of Michigan licensed design professional. 

Building Inspector Mike Setzer 989.652.3430 ext. 250
Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector Merle West 989.652.3430 ext. 252
Electrical Inspector Travis Cooper 989.652.3430 ext. 251
Inspectors Email

   **credit card fees may apply

Forms & Permits
Details & Requirements

Publications & Helpful Information

In order to help our residents with home improvement projects, the following publications and information are available at the City Office:

General Building

Building Codes - How do they help you?- This brochure, published by the International Conference of Building Officials, provides a brief review of why there is a need for building construction regulations and answers common questions on the need for such regulations.

Benefits of Building Permits- This brochure, published by the International Conference of Building Officials, reviews the building permit process. 

How to Choose a Homebuilder or Remodeler- This brochure, published by the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services, provides important steps you should take to ensure that your investment is a wise one and that you are protected from loss or disappointment.

You Can Build It- This booklet, published by the International Conference of Building Officials, contains information and advice to aid "Do-it-yourselfers" with building projects. Provides guidance in necessary procedures such as permit requirements, codes, plans, cost estimation, etc. (58 pages). This booklet is also available for check-out at the James E. Wickson Memorial Library, 359 S. Franklin Street.

ICBO-Evaluation Service- The building department has text reports on building products and services as issued by the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO). These reports evaluate materials, products and construction systems per the codes used by ICBO. Updates are received on a quarterly basis.

Disaster Preparedness

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure- A brochure, published by F.E.M.A., providing flood damage reduction techniques.

A House is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link- A brochure, published by F.E.M.A., providing wind damage reduction techniques.

Safety First - Disaster Preparedness Tips for Your Home & Family- This brochure, published by the International Conference of Building Officials, offers tips on how you and your family can better prepare your home to withstand the effects of a natural disaster.

Radon Gas

Building a New Home - Have You Considered Radon?- An E.P.A. brochure on what information should be considered to make your new home radon-resistant.

Buying a New Home? How to Protect your Family from Radon- An E.P.A. brochure on Radon gas and ways to protect your family.

Radon - Resistant Construction in New Homes- This E.P.A. brochure reviews radon-resistant techniques and provides valuable information sources.

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