Managing Growing Economies to Add Value and Jobs to the Local Market

Why Economic Development?
In a seemingly successful community like Frankenmuth, the need for strong economic development policies and programs may not be as evident as in other communities with failing downtowns, blighted neighborhoods and other social challenges. But, needed they are – for communities that are “intentional in supporting their economic core have better economic and social results than those that don’t.” (Chris Romer, Vail Valley Partnership 2016.)

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Strong local economies support good schools, support home values and provide for extraordinary amenities like beautiful parks and recreation. Strong local economies can weather the boom/bust cycles impacting the big economic picture, stabilizing paychecks and households. Strong local economies provide for consistent delivery of public services, assuring safe and clean neighborhoods.

Presenting Plans for the new Cheese Haus. 2017

Frankenmuth’s economic development agencies, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Economic Development Corporation (EDC), are committees of the City Council dedicated to developing the processes and recommended policies and projects that are key to maintaining and stimulating those business activities that build strong communities, industries and markets.

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New foundation construction. 

Wherever possible, the committees leverage private investment with public resources and community-based know-how through partnerships with supporting organizations including City government. Together, we build a community that is supportive of diverse local employers, attractive to new ones and encouraging of entrepreneurship, all adding to the quality of life residents and businesses enjoy.

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