Historic Preservation District Review

Plan Review Procedures

Plan reviews shall be required by the Historic Preservation District Commission when any structure or site within the Historic District is to be constructed, altered, moved, or demolished.

The following procedures shall govern the review of each plan:

SUBMISSION:  No building and/or zoning permit shall be granted by the Building Inspector or City Planning Commission, as the case may be, until the applicant has first received favorable action of the Commission on the application seeking the change.  The application shall contain the following information: 

  1. Name of applicant.
  2. Address of property affected. 
  3. Description of proposed construction, alteration, etc. 
  4. Indication of existing and proposed structural materials. 
  5. Six drawings showing general floor plan and elevations of existing and proposed exterior treatments.  (Note:  Colored renderings are required for all exterior treatments).  Elevation drawings shall be submitted for those exterior facades proposed to be changed and located on the front and/or sides of the structure.
  6. Any other information, as in the opinion of the Commission, is required in order to enable proper review of the application. 


  1. The Commission shall meet within fifteen (15) days after notification by the Building Inspector of the filing, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the applicant and the Commission.  In reviewing the plans, the Commission may confer with the applicant, and with the Building Inspector, and with the City Planning Commission. 
  2. The Commission shall approve or disapprove such plans and signify its approval or disapproval. 
  3. If the Commission disapproves such plans, it shall state its reasons for doing so and shall transmit a record of such action and reasons therefore in writing to the Building Inspector and to the applicant.  The Commission shall advise what it feels is proper if it disapproves of the plans submitted.  The applicant, if he so desires, may make modifications to his plans and shall have the right to re-submit his application at any time after so doing.
    No work shall begin until Commission approval is obtained. 
  4. The failure of the Commission to approve, conditionally approve, or disapprove of such plans within forty-five (45) days from the date of application for the building permit, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the applicant and the Commission, shall be deemed to constitute approval. 
  5. After approval has been issued and the building permit granted to the applicant, the Building Inspector or his representative shall inspect the construction or alteration approved, in accordance with the procedures established by the City of Frankenmuth. 
  6. If the Commission denies a request for the demolition permit, it shall have the privilege of publicizing the imminent destruction of this structure, and may make an effort to find a private or corporate purchaser interested in preserving the property.  Failing to find such a purchaser, the Commission may then recommend that the City of Frankenmuth purchase the property.  Conclusive action must be taken within sixty (60) days of the date of the request. 
  7. In cases where approval of demolition is granted for reasons other than public health or safety, such approval shall not become effective until sixty (60) days after the date of issuance, in order to provide a period of time within which it may be possible to relieve a hardship or transfer the property to another owner who will retain the structure.  At the discretion of the Commission, this waiting period may be waived. 
  8. If the Commission grants a permit for demolition, it may notify the Frankenmuth Historical Commission so that body may consult with the owner about obtaining anything of historical significance from the property. 

APPEALS:  Actions of the Historic Preservation District Commission may be appealed to the City Council within 30 days of the Commission's decision. 

PLAN REVIEW STANDARDS:  In reviewing the plans, the Commission shall give consideration to:

  1. The historical or architectural value and significance of the structure or site and its relationship to the historic value of the surrounding area.
  2. The relationship of the exterior architectural features of such structure to the rest of the structure and to the surrounding area. 
  3. The general compatibility of exterior design, arrangement, texture, and materials proposed to be used. 
  4. Any other factor, including aesthetic, which it deems to be pertinent. 

The Commission shall pass only on exterior features of a structure and shall not consider the interior arrangement. 

PROHIBITED USES:  The following uses are specifically excluded and prohibited within the Historic District:

  1. All adult bookstores, adult movie theaters, and any business involved in the sale of pornography or pornographic material as described in the City Code.
  2. Drive-in/fast food restaurants as defined in the City Code.