Planning & Zoning

Planning and zoning provides assistance to residents and businesses throughout the City. In addition to answering general questions, we also provide staffing assistance to the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Historic Preservation District Commission.

Most of the questions we receive from residents relate to property improvements. The most frequently asked questions are available here. Whenever there are questions about property improvements, there typically are questions about permits. Here are the most frequently asked permit questions.

For commercial or larger residential developments, whenever possible, please contact us to set a meeting with you and our staff to discuss your proposal in the conceptual stages to eliminate potential problems, minimize costs and discuss any questions you may have.  We have assembled information specific to commercial and other non-single family residential development here. For better use of this pre-application meeting, please have a general idea of your plan including size, place, and usage. Refer to the checklist below for more information.

Depending on your location and availability, this informal meeting can occur electronically via email, skype, phone conference, etc. You can contact Phil Kerns at or (989) 652 - 3430.

Once you are ready to submit formal plans, you will need to submit five (5) copies of your site plan for review. The completed application, site plans and review fee must be received at least two (2) weeks in advance of the Planning Commission meeting that you wish to attend. If you are requesting special use permit approval, all of the necessary material must be submitted thirty (30) days in advance. You will then be sent an agenda and a copy of our report prior to the hearing.

Frequently Requested Topics such as applications, guides, and checklists can be found here.
Zoning Ordinances can be found here.

The City Zoning Map can be found here.

Special Use Permit (Rental Home) Application
Site Plan Review Application
Planning Commission Site Plan Review Procedures
Short Term Rental (Owner Occupied)
Short Term Rental (Non/ Occupied)

Dumpster Enclosure Guide
Dumpster Enclosure Illustrations 
Shed Guide
Mixed Use Development Guidelines
Historic Preservation District Review Guidelines
Development Toolkit (Full)
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