Mayor & City Council

City Council 2022

The City of Frankenmuth is managed under the Council/Manager form of government.  Bridget Smith serves as the City Manager. The Mayor serves as the executive officer of the City and the official head of the city for cermonial purposes. The Mayor presides at all City Council meetings but speaks and votes in such meetings as any other member of Council. If you wish to email any of the Council or the Mayor, please click on their names below for an email link.

          - City Council Bylaws

Mayor Mary Anne Ackerman  Term Ending 12-31-2022 
Mayor Pro Tem Tom Meyer  Term Ending 12-31-2022
Council Member Paul LaBrenz Term Ending 12-31-2022 
Council Member John Kaczynski Term Ending 12-31-2024
Council Member Chad Ross Term Ending 12-31-2022 
Council Member Vickie J. Schmitzer  Term Ending 12-31-2024
Council Member Bethany M. Bernthal Reindel  Term Ending 12-31-2024
City Manager Bridget Smith  Appointed