Neighborhood Traffic Calming

City of Frankenmuth residents occasionally express concern about speeding and other safety concerns regarding traffic in residential neighborhoods. In response to public interest the City’s Transportation Advisory Committee has developed a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy.

 “Traffic Calming” is defined as a “combination of physical measures which reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior, and improve conditions for non-motorized street users as well as educational programs and enhanced enforcement”. 

In general, we ask the residents in the neighborhood to partner with the City. The general steps are outlined below:

1. Report the problem.  
Complete  a Traffic Calming Request form and return it to the City.  We ask that 20 percent of the people who live on the street sign the request form or about 10 homeowners.

2.  Data Collection
Once the City has received a completed request form, staff will collect traffic volume and speed data for the street. The data collection should last at least 7 days and avoid holidays or other events that could artifically spike or lower traffic.

3. Study Results
Once the data has been collected and reviewed and then a neighborhood meeting will be scheduled.  Often times, while there is speeding occuring it is happening in pockets or a specific periods of time.  With the data compiled, the neighborhood will plan the next steps, which typically will include:
  • Education
  • Radar Speed Trailer Deployment
  • Traffic Enforcement

Almost all speeding concerns will be addressed using the approach above, but sometimes the speed data may warrant engineered solutions. Those situations would be addressed as they arise and on a street by street basis.